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The NFL may have blown the call Monday night, but won’t won't let blown call burn Lions bettors Considers All Bets on Alabama vs. Florida as a Win

San Jose, Costa Rica – October 6th 2015

The NFL may have blown the call Monday night, but won’t.

Officials for Monday’s game between the Detroit Lions and Seattle Seahawks failed to follow the rule book when Seattle linebacker K.J. Wright illegally batted a loose ball out of the back of the Seahawks’ end zone following a fumble from Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson on the goal line.

Because of this missed call, director Dave Johnson is honoring all moneyline bets on Detroit to win outright Monday – not the first time Johnson has made up for bad beat or unfair finish. Earlier this college football season, honored bets on both sides of the Georgia-UL Monroe, which was cut short due to poor weather.

“The refs costing our bettors money because of bad calls is something we can’t stand for,” says Johnson. “That Detroit defense was playing well and we felt that had the Lions scored, they could have held on. All those Lions moneyline bets will be re-graded as a win in full.”

The Monday Night Football referee crew ruled the play a touchback, all but giving the game to Seattle, which led 13-10. However, if the rule was properly enforced it should have been Lions’ ball on a half-yard line and Detroit would have had a good shot of punching it in for a 17-13 lead with just under two minutes remaining.
"It was a no-brainer for us, once people realized they missed the call," says Johnson. "We didn't hesitate to make the right call when it came to honoring those moneyline bets."

The Lions covered for spread bettors and the final score played under the total. And while the game will go into the NFL record books as a slim loss for the Lions, any customers who put their faith in Detroit to win outright – only to be let down by the refs – can consider this a victory.

“We hate when things like this happen to our bettors,” says Johnson. “We can’t change the score but we can do our part to clean up the NFL’s mess.”

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